Third Times a Charm?

third-times-a-charm-293x300.jpgDay 14 Ultrasound came back hopeful!

My uterine lining is thickening (the double estrogen worked!) and there are two follicles growing inside me.


I was so nervous because I haven’t had much luck with the ovulation predictor kits. In the past cycles, I have at least seen a blinking smiley face, this time it was just an empty circle… starring at me. No emotion.

I was scared to think there wasn’t any activity going on inside me.

One of the follicles measured 18 and the other 25!

The doctor didn’t hesitate to recommend a high-dose HCG shot to force ovulation.

A pleasant change from the drawn-out pre-ovulation period.

Almost immediately after getting the shot, the ovulation predictor kit produced a solid smiley face. I haven’t been able to learn if this means I am ovulating or if it’s just picking up on the high level of HCG but we are leaning more on the cautious side and covering our bases… or maybe Hubby is using it as an excuse 🙂

How am I feeling this time around, you ask?

Well, I am hopefully… scared.

I don’t want to have another let down like last month and so I’m not putting too much excitement at the possibility of becoming pregnant and I also want to stay positive and hopeful of things to come to keep my emotions level.

This is my fourth round of Clomid, the third successful round of follicle growth/ovulation… third times a charm?

In the midst of this, I continue to have stomach problems. Going off all the supplements (calcium, Vit B, Inositol, NAC, pre-natal…) has helped but I fear not getting the nutrients that are necessary for a healthy baby. Listening to my body and trusting that I need to take care of myself in this way first.

I’m taking heartburn medication and IBS pills because the doctor isn’t quite sure what’s happening inside of me. I wonder if it’s all connected to the hormonal changes.

Keeping my stress down, I am practicing praying, journaling and light exercise on a regular basis. God, your will be done. Help me trust in you and surrender to what you have for me.

The three-week wait begins…

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