Miracle Grow

Hooray! A period comes and I am officially able to start my new cycle. What a relief that is to know that I get another opportunity to become pregnant.

I’ve been sensitive to the words I am choosing to use.

  • I talk about us going through fertility treatments as opposed to we are struggling with infertility.
  • I say that I ‘get’ to have a period to kick-start a new cycle as opposed to having to have a period which means we aren’t pregnant.
  • I remain hopeful for the journey to be an experience that will shape my character as opposed to a victim-fill, woe is me, this is so hard and why-is-it-happening-to-me type mentality.

I call my OBGYN and they get me in for an ultrasound. Everything looks clear and ready for a new round of Clomid.

Let’s do this!

My lining is still incredibly thin (what’s new there?) so they want me to up the dose of estrogen to two patches and begin on Day 10.

I also provoke the conversation around the dosage of Clomid. In my book, it needs to be increased. That is without medical training or understanding of the medication but what I know is I’m not yet pregnant and want to explore every option.

My OB takes a look at our last cycle and agrees. My follicle only grew to 20


mm before they gave me the Trigger shot and for being on Clomid, that seems a bit sm

all to her.

The script read: 150mg of Clomid

Three chalky white pills a day for 5 days… miracle grow.

Grow follicles, grow!


Deleting the Numbers


I’ve deleted all the cycle planning days on my calendar. I know, a big step for this lady who likes control… some may call me a “control ‘freak”, but hey, that’s typically useful to me to get things done. I tend to like to know what’s coming up and prepare as much as humanly possible.

After 4 rounds of Clomid, I’ve learned that there are some things (ok many things) that I just can’t control.

A new day comes every 24 hours, and a new week every 7 days… My plotting on a calendar and counting the days from Day 1 to Day 12 to Day 16 to Day 25 to Day 35 is not helpful. If anything it’s caused me more angst in anticipation and worry for no reason.

I also, know that I have heard from many people the art of relaxation. When people let go and relax, things seem to happen more smoothly.

In an act of relaxation, I take a deep breath as I close my eyes. Getting my mind focused on what’s really going on.  My life is not all about me and what I want. There is more to my life than being a mom and for today, this is where God wants me to be.

The root of this control is fear.

  • Fearful that I won’t be able to have my own children and fearful of being left out of the rest of the ‘experience’ of mommy-hood.
  • Fearful that if/when we adopt I won’t be able to love them as my own flesh and blood.
  • Fearful that we won’t even be able to adopt because of how expensive it is and that we won’t be able to experience the joys of growing our own family.
  • Fearful that my friends will move into this stage and I will be left behind, yearning to be apart of it, but completely helpless in making it happen.

One thing I know for sure is God is love and He cares for me. I shall not be afraid. Fear is not from God and although I may have those fearful thoughts, they don’t serve me to think about them and ruminate over them. It’s best for me to let those thoughts out of my head and turn my thinking into gratitude for the things I do have and the blessings in my life.

I’m grateful for:

  • a house to live in
  • a husband to love
  • friends who care about me
  • a career I enjoy
  • the opportunity to serve others
  • 10 fingers, 10 toes, legs that walk, arms that move
  • a car to drive and gas in the tank

I choose to delete all 1’s, 12’s, 16’s, 25’s and 35’s from my calendar.

I used these to help us plan out when we would be going through future cycles. What I’ve learned through this past few weeks is that my body does not work on a traditional calendar and therefore I cannot predict things one way or another. I have to just be in the experience, taking in the moment as it is and not looking for the next to be the answer.

A small way I can let go and just be in the process.

Unpleasant Reminders

My skin hurts.

I have been on the Provera/progesterone for 10 days.

Okay, actually I just lied. I decided to try and move this show along a little faster and may have taken a double dose (morning and night) of medication two different days this week.

Okay, I did do this. I figured my body will still respond with a period as long as I take the prescribed dose and am now praying that I didn’t mess something up in my system.

With this hormone boost, my skin has reacted in the form of acne and it’s not pleasant.

In all actuality, it’s quite humiliating. To be 34 years old and have this type of acne.

Hubby is sweet, he says he can’t see it and just notices my skin being red… and that I’m beautiful, good Hubby.

That doesn’t make me feel 100% better, but it is nice to know that it may just be in my head.

Unpleasant reminders of how my body isn’t working properly. (God, please help me love my situation and the body you’ve given me. I know you know all that is in me and all that is to come in our life. God, I do trust you, even when I don’t understand.)

Regardless, this week of extra hormones has not been pleasant. Exhausted and upset that my body didn’t produce a period naturally, I spent this morning in prayer.

God, I really don’t understand my body or what is going on. I try and do research and ask questions, but what I’m coming to realize is that everybody’s body is different and I just have to accept mine as being this way. Completely unpredictable and slightly unexplainable.

I am frustrated that I’m not ‘normal’ and have emotions when I hear others who just ‘get pregnant’. Have I mentioned that my parent’s joke that they just looked at each other and my mom would become pregnant? Yup, twice. The idea of trying or cycle-tracking is completely foreign to my parents. I love them and appreciate their light-hearted comments in the midst of my own discontentment.

Maybe they are on to something though. Light-hearted, open-handed. Not trying, not tracking. Each cycle, I feel I let go a little bit more of the control in timing and just let it be as it will be.

Not trying, not tracking. Each cycle, I feel I let go a little bit more of the control in timing and just let it be as it will be.

Each cycle, I feel I let go a little bit more of the control in timing and just let it be as it will be.