Preggos in the Sunshine

What an incredible summer break/ third trimester this has been. I am grateful for the opportunity to rest as much as I needed to through weeks 28-35 of my pregnancy. The weeks when I have felt the most tired and rundown have been the weeks where I have taken 2 naps!

My typical daily routine has been:

  • wake up and spend time with God and being of service
  • Eat breakfast
  • Nap for about an hour
  • Go to the gym for about 45 minutes for cardio or a class (still loving BodyPump!)
  • Run errands or focus on work
  • Eat lunch
  • Do some reflecting and reading
  • Nap for about an hour and a half
  • Enjoy time with Hubby
  • Eat dinner
  • Enjoy the summer nights

Pretty good to me!

Of course, I have worked and been a responsible adult but with a job that allows for summer vacation such as this, I’ll take all the relaxing I can get!

Some highlights of my pregnancy this summer.

Week 32– Final hike of the season.
The hike itself was pretty and rejuvenating! The night that followed though was horrible.

I seem to have overstimulated Maxee with the exercise and fresh air because she was not wanting to go to sleep… or my body was too sore to relax.

I tossed and turned and ended up half-sleeping on the couch to try and position myself with various pillows and angles to get it ‘just right’.

I don’t have a huge belly but this doesn’t mean she isn’t growing!

Instead, she is pushing into my diaphragm and ribs and so there are sharp pains in the right side of my ribs and I have a shortness of breath when I’m reading out loud.

Week 33– A baby SHOWER.
Some of our friends put together a wonderful backyard BBQ/baby shower for us that was to start at 6pm.

At 5pm, the friends came to transform our house and backyard.

Mind you, Hubby has spent the majority of the summer fixing up various outside pieces of our house in anticipation of the party and Maxee coming while I have focused on nesting on the inside.

At 6pm, the heavens opened up and the flood of water rushed from the sky like a broken dam. It continued to downpour for 2 hours, completely changing our plans.

What did I learn from a Baby Down-Pour that I can take into mothering?

  • I can plan all I want, but what is going to happen, will happen. Accept what is and not pout about what is not.
  • Rain on a wedding day brings good luck to the marriage… might rain on a baby shower bring good luck to parenting?
  • The flood of water rushing down the gutters on the sides of the street may mean Maxee will just slip right out of me and labor will be just the same ‘wash’ of a delivery! (Haha)
  • Many friends from all aspects of our life were represented and seemed to enjoy their time, what a gift it is to have so many friends who love us and already love Maxee.
  • I don’t need to go out to buy and plant flowers in the planters just for one party- knowing the remainder of the year they will be scorched by the sun. It’s not worth the time or money.

Week 34– Pregnancy photoshoot.ABVB1CmxQPGlwXjzIFOqzw_thumb_89ac.jpg

We wanted to capture this amazing gift that God has given us.

A true miracle to have a baby growing in my stomach. This might be the only pregnancy I am given to experience and I wanted to take in every moment, including this beautiful baby bump.

Week 34– Breastfeeding Class
So much to learn and it all seems premature as we don’t know what type of feeder we are going to have. I’m praying for a good little latcher and eater and then a wonderful sleeper… but also trying not to have too high of expectations for this little button.

The class was helpful and for the most part, a review of all the things my friends have shared. BellyBliss does a nice job of offering support to mama’s and I’ll also look into LaLeche League to learn more.

Any tips you want to share with me… I’m open!!