Genetic Results

14 days after the news of our tenacious two, I sit waiting… patiently (ok and impatiently) to know the results of the genetic testing.

In our first IVF round, we had 2 make it to genetic testing and only one was normal.

That ‘normal’ is our sweet daughter.

Last IVF round, we had 1 make it to genetic testing and that was not normal so we didn’t have the chance to transfer.

Today, I hope to learn what the outcome is from this IVF cycle.

I play too many scenarios over and over in my head as to why they haven’t called.

I continue to pray for God’s will and for me to accept whatever the answer may be.

I am scared to accept the answer of zero normal.

I don’t want to have to go through another IVF round, the medications, the emotions, the unknowns… but I will. Oh boy, don’t you believe I will go through this again if we need to and have the chance.

Since there was a slip up with the medication of the trigger shot, causing the follicles to grow one more day, Hubby and I are not confident that this was the best effort for a baby and would always wonder if that slip up cost us our baby. So we would consider one more IVF cycle if needed.

I pray we won’t need it.

I pray that one of these two is our little baby, our second child, Little Lady’s little brother or sister.

Who even knows- I would love if both came back normal and then we could have three kiddos!

Lord, please help me calm my head and trust that you will let us know right when we are supposed to know.

Until then, I am going to rest my head, turn off my thinking for a little and instead focus on what is true, what is good, what is perfect, what is in front of me in this moment.

“Shady Grove Fertility” pops up on my cellphone screen.

I get excited, close my eyes and pray “God, whatever your will is, help me accept what I’m about to hear”.

It’s Nurse Emily and she has a cheery voice.

I loop in Daniel and she shares that we have 1 healthy, normal embryo!

Wahoo!! Praise God!!

I am thrilled and relieved.

Thank you, God, for this one healthy embryo. Please protect this little embryo and keep it safe.

We get to move forward into prepping my body for the transfer of this little embryo back into my body. It’s a month-long process, but I’m ready for it and will be praying that this little embryo thaws well, transfers well, implants well, and grows into a healthy wonderful, beautiful baby that we will get to hold.

Thank you, God! We give all this glory to you and know that this gift is so very precious and hold this process gingerly in our hands.

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