Walking the Tightrope

The green light has been given to start medications. This time around, Dr. Brahma has me starting on a much higher dose and although I’m excited by the change in hopes of having a major increase in egg follicles, I’m also nervous of a negative response to such a high amount of hormones entering my body.

Will I sleep well? Will my body feel like I’m carrying around bowling balls? Will I be able to be present with Little Princess while accepting these doses into my body?

Only time will tell.

That time starts tonight!

An image has come into my head as I pause to think about what’s about to occur.

I have just slipped on those little white slipper-shoes that have a soft bottom and I stand on the edge of a cliff with my right foot stretching out for the rope. I put my arms out in a straight line and with my heart pounding, I point my toes on my right foot.

Walking The Tightrope As The World Experiences Its Shadow: My Covid-19 Life  | Walking The Tightrope As The Whole World Experiences Their Shadows: My  Covid-19 Era Life

What am I to look at? I know I can’t look down or I will begin to wobble.

I know I can’t look around to the left or the right because I will teeter in that direction.

Instead, I lift my chin with intention and focus on what is directly in front of me.

What I see is a beautiful sunrise bursting through the clouds.

Confidently, I lean my weight onto my right foot.

Let the faith walk begin.

Treatment: Tonight, I will do the first shots into my abdomen and will continue with this for 4 days before I return for my second ultrasound and bloodwork check in.


Gonal F- 375 IU

Menopur- 225 IU

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