A Glimmer of Hope

Today is day 5 of medications. 

I feel the difference this time around. My abdominal area is already feeling ‘tight’ and a bit crampy. I know there is growth already going on in there and I am hopeful that today’s appointment will reveal a positive response to the increased medication. 

Let the blood draws begin!

I look at today’s appointment as “The scary day 5 monitoring appointment”.

In the previous 2 IVF cycles, this is the day that I go in for blood work and an ultrasound and the technician remains quiet. 

A few hours later, I would get a call from my medical team sharing that the doctor is not impressed with the ultrasound results and need to up the dose of medication. For both cycles, this put me back 2+ days of follicle growth, extending the days I was on medication. 

I’m hoping for a different outcome today. 


The ladies at the clinic were lovely and I ended up asking for more information about what they were seeing. 

The lady performing the ultrasound shared that she is counting 22 follicles, one that is measuring a bit larger than the rest. 

Way to go little one!

I leave feeling good about the report so far and wait to hear from Nurse Emily. 


A headache kicks in. 

It must be the higher medications I’m on. 

I can’t nap. There must be something wrong with me- I’m known to my friends as a Champion Napper. 

The call comes in. Nurse Emily reports that everything looks good. Nothing negative and to remain at the current dose of meds. 

A glimmer of hope. 

A different report then what I’m used to. 

Maybe this round will produce a different outcome. 

I learn that day 5 of my last IVF cycle counted 17 follicles and we all know how that turned out. 

She assured me that I’m on the right track and just to continue progressing as I have. 

No increase in medication, thankfully! 

And there probably won’t be an increase since I’m on the highest dose. 

No wonder my body is already feeling out of sorts. 

I lay down, close my eyes, thank God for the follicles that are growing and pray for the strength to move through today with a positive outlook amidst the pounding tension that grips my forehead.  

Gonal F: 375 IU

Menopur: 225 IU

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