The Big “O”

Stay calm, serene, relaxed. do anything I can to avoid stress.

Waiting for a positive indication on the ovulation stick to affirm that my body is working and ready.

Day 12– a big ‘O’ starred at me. Taunting me.

Day 13- a big ‘O’ sat there on the screen. Unapologetic.

Day 14– error.

What? Something happened where I need to retest but have to wait a few hours to pee again. So I wait until the afternoon hours to retest, wondering if this will be the day that I see that blinking smiley face. Fearful that I won’t and even more fearful that I won’t ovulate this month.

I asked about The Shot. You know the one that you can get that will essentially jump start ovulation. My doctor hesitated a moment because she explained that since my day 14 is on a Sunday, we would have to wait until Day 15 and by that point, it may be too late. Ugh! What is up with the timing of all of this?! Everything has to be so precise- to the day.

It reminds me that this act of creating a baby IS a miracle and that our bodies are created to precision. There is no mistake in the way God has made us and no science more powerful than Gods will.

If He wants us to get pregnant, we will get pregnant. I do believe this. And with that- I will rest and relax into the process.

Day 14- afternoon- I retest and it’s still a big “O”. Really? I guess nothing about this process is going to be easy for us.

 Day 15– Call the doctors.
Onto the next step… another doctors appointment tomorrow to see what’s going on.

3 thoughts on “The Big “O”

  1. Funny, I also felt the O was taunting me this month. Staring at me like the readout has something to prove. And I also received an error, for the first time in years on a testing day, which obviously, did not help my brain or heart in all of the angst. Hope the appointment went well!


    • Ugh! I hate that error message. I’ve learned to pee in a cup in case I have to retest that morning because I’ve gotten that a few too many times. Thankfully, we always get an opportunity to try it again. Thanks for your comment!!

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      • For some reason, I’m reluctant to do the cup thing. Idk… Probably makes more sense and I know it’s cheaper but ya know…
        (you’re welcome!)


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