Prep for Transfer

A lot can happen in two weeks. I went from building and shedding a lining to now, preparing for our little embrybaby to come ‘home’ with me.  

Earlier this week, I went in for an ultrasound and bloodwork.

Everything is looking great and I feel encouraged by the recent ultrasound results. My lining was able to plump back up to 8mm in no time. Wahoo!

I was a little nervous, but looks like my body is responding well to the medication.

So quickly, in fact, that we have moved the transfer date one day sooner than originally scheduled!

I am stoked and all of a sudden feel a wave of anxiety as this is really happening… and in less than a week.

I switched around my flight plans and rebooked my hotel for one night earlier.

Two days ago, I started the “butt shots”.

This is the 1mL of progesterone oil each day, in the upper quadrant of my buttock muscle.

I am less than thrilled about this.

My first shot was at 7:30am in the morning, on the dot.

This first shot needs to be at exactly a certain, calculated amount of days and hours prior to the transfer.

My body needs the progesterone oil every 24-hours and since 7:30am is not the most ideal time, we were given the chance to move the daily shot.

For this, I gave myself a shot again that first night and will continue every night at that same time until well passed a positive pregnancy (God willing!)

The painful poke (yes it’s right in the muscle area of the buttock), the thick oil that is injected (which feels like I’m pushing molasses through the syringe), and the soreness that lasts days after (as if I did a killer workout) is all worth it if we get to have this embryo become a baby that we get to hold in our arms and watch grow up.

I will rotate left side, right side, left side, right… for potentially 13 weeks.

Not giving much recovery time for my precious rump.

My stomach has already become queasy, reminding me of what it was like to have morning sickness.

I didn’t expect to feel this way so soon and I fear this is the beginning.

Again, all worth it if we get to have our second child as the outcome.

I prep my body with acupuncture and my last body massage until after trimester 1 concludes (again, Lord willing!)

The little sacrifices that are all worth the prize in the long run.

I look at our daughter and think of all that we went through to get her and I am beyond willing to go through this same pain and discomfort again.

In a few days, I will go back to Shady Grove Atlanta and pick up our little embryo.

There is still a road ahead of us, and I know God is ultimately in control.

The logistics of what is about to happen is important to me.

Transfer is set for 12:30, arrive at the clinic at noon with a photo ID. Be sure to empty my bladder completely at 11:15am and then proceed to drink 16oz of water before 11:30am. Don’t use the bathroom after 11:30am. And drink 36oz of water between 12-12:30pm. A fuller bladder helps Dr. B position the catheter more precisely as to release the embryo in the correct location.

I have my marching orders.

*For those of you reading and are interested in Shady Grove, they just opened a Colorado office! A little too late for us, but might be a good fit for others.

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