More meds, more hope

Days 7 & 8

It seems like more of the same at this point. 

I went in for my monitoring appointment yesterday and was happy to see some follicle growth in my ovaries. 

There were six follicles total, three on each side- measuring approximately 10mm each so that is a good start but nothing to write home about. 

There are still quite a bit of smaller follicles that are too small to measure that we need to grow so I’m instructed to do much of the same. 

Continue with the medications as we have and rest up. 

It’s time to order more medications and I can’t believe how quickly the numbers add up. 

Shady Grove’s Shared Risk is great to the extent that a client can go through multiple IVF rounds in order to have a successful pregnancy. The downside though is the client needs to pay an outside vendor for the medications. 

Meaning, we paid for the medications last round… and need to shell out more money for the medications this round. Since I’m on higher doses of medication, the cost is higher. And this is not refunded if we don’t have a successful pregnancy. 

Oh, the cost for hope in having a new little life in our family. 

I call the least expensive fertility pharmacy I can find that works with Shady Grove, Encompass. 

They have come to know me now (it seems) and I slide my next order in to be received in the next day. 

As I give my credit card number, I repeat, “this is all worth it”, I remind myself. 

Time to relax and let my body grow these little amazing things.

I enjoyed another acupuncture session to feel as though I am contributing to the growth effort in some important way and am mindful of how much I am exhausting my body. 

Dr. Shu reminded me that I need to be very relaxed and to stay calm through this process. He also re-emphasized no working out aside from walking and to ingest warm foods and drinks. 

I must say, relaxing with a toddler is a hard suggestion to follow and yet I am being very mindful of how much I pick her up or bend down to be with her. 

My abdomen is swollen. 

It feels bloated and when I go to give myself the nightly dose of medications, I can see where the bruises are starting to form. 

There are little red dots all over my abdomen where I have recent poked and I feel myself just wanting to rub my skin gently offering some sort of condolences for the pain I have inflicted. 

Nurse Emily called with the monitoring report and it was as expected. 

Slow growing and we will see you in a few days to see how things progress. 

She did start me on Cetrotide which will help my body restrain from ovulating too early with the larger follicles they see on the ultrasound. 

We wouldn’t want that!

This means adding one more poke in the morning in addition to the pokes at night. 

My poor abdomen. 

Thank you for embracing these pokes, dear abdomen, for the hope and sake of a new little life. 

AM: Cetrotide- .25mg

PM: Gonal F- 375 IU

PM: Menopur- 225 IU

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