Day 4 Post Retrieval

We are back home now.

It is a relief.

I have been attempting to take it easy but life with a toddler and job outside of the home lends to more go-go-go then I would like during this recovery period.

To sleep in my own bed has been a gift.

My body relaxes as the pain continues to throb in my lower abdominal areas.

I feel bloated.

There is not much room down there and much of this reminds me of being pregnant.

The full tension of my insides pressing up against my skin.

My stomach is swollen and my ovaries are not very happy with me.

I get a massage and am grateful for my masseuse who is trained in abdominal massage.

She helps the blood flow and circulation to give my abdomen and ovaries some support.

The pings of sharp pain come only when I move too quickly or when I am resting.

The busy schedule I have this week is helpful.

There is not much time for me to obsess about the little multicell embryos (meaning day 2-5 after fertilization). They are in the cleavage stage, meaning the cells inside the egg are dividing or cleaving but the embryo itself is not growing.  

The first 5 days of an Embryo - Simply Fertility
Days 1-5 of the fertilized egg

When I do think about the multicells, I wonder how they are growing? How many of them are playing nice with each other and multiplying? How many of them are fighting and persevering to continue to do what they want so badly to do? It’s what they are designed for.

I pray for them to be healthy and to be strong. I pray for God to be protecting them as they are so far away from me. I pray that God will guide them and be working in each cell to form as it is supposed to, as He designed each cell to form.

Today these multicell embryos are in the morula stage and tomorrow they will reach the coveted blastocyst.

Tomorrow is day 5 and the multicells will be about 70-100 cells, this is when they have reached blastocyst.

Tomorrow we will receive a call from Nurse Emily.

She will share with us how many of our 7 multicell embryos survived and thrived to day 5 blastocysts.

The wait continues and I am full of excitement.

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