The Future Begins Tomorrow

Day 14- The final prick of my arm to see if the trigger medications worked. I check out of the clinic and am grateful to not need to make another monitoring appointment.

Nope, the next time I step into the clinic will be for egg ‘harvesting’.

I like that word better than retrieval. Time to gather all these wonderful, healthy, vibrant, abundant eggs!

My final acupuncture appointment focuses on balancing my body and rejuvenating my system. It’s time to love on my body and let the eggs release as they are supposed to.

I spend the rest of the day enjoying this process and relishing the growth of these wonderful follicles.

The sunshine greets us as we enjoy a brisk walk around our ‘home’. I feel as though I’m waddling and anxious to have this pressure released from my body.

Dr. O’Brien said the bloated feeling may last up to a week after the ‘harvest’ because of the trigger shots, but I’m hopeful my body will flush these toxins (is that what there are?) out of my system and I’ll be able to return to a normal body.

  • When will I be able to move without feeling this pressure?
  • When will I be able to work out my body again?

Only time will tell.

For today, I am focusing on giving my body good healthy nutrients.

I took the final medication tonight at dinner. It will be my last meal until after the ‘harvest’ tomorrow at noon.

I’m scared of what the ‘harvest’ will be like for my body.

  • What will the aftermath feel like?
  • Will I bleed?
  • How will I be able to walk?
  • What will the flight be like back home?

The only way to know these answers is to walk through this night… and tomorrow morning… and walk into the clinic at 10:30am and put my trust in the doctors…. And God.

See you on the other side!download.jpg

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