OB Can’t Help :(

Two weeks and counting began yesterday(ish) as I’m not quite sure when I ovulated. The pressure and pain in my lower abdomen that started 2 days ago finally has subsided as has a pounding headache. Both are said to be side effects of the HCG shot.

I feel different this time around. Although I do believe we could be pregnant, I am not as attached to knowing. Might it be the protection of my heart to not engage in the hopes and what if’s of the unknown, instead to practice being present today?

The OB recommended us to check out fertility clinics as they can’t help us anymore. We have decided to make a consult appointment with CCRM, a highly reputable fertility clinic in the US. We are fortunate to have them down the road as I have had friends who have flown in from different states to attend the CCRM clinic. Colorado-topLogo.png

A few of my friends have been going to CCRM and have shared their most favorite doctors, and I am looking forward to hearing what plan is laid out for us for next steps.

Might this be the reason I feel such peace about these next few weeks? Knowing that there is a path and next steps, giving me hope that this is not all that we have to rest on, that in fact there are many more options to try?

Hope in what is possible. Knowing that we are all on a journey and there are good things to be revealed. I don’t think I could handle all the amazing blessings and gifts of a lifetime all in one day. It’s better to spread them out. Practicing enjoying each blessing and gift to the fullest before the next comes along.

Today, I choose to enjoy and to soak in the life I get to live in this moment. To remain hopeful of what our story is to reveal.

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