The Waiting Game…

And now we wait.

The question now is posed, when do we take a pregnancy test?

The majority of experts posting online will say to wait and take a pregnancy test once you’ve missed your period. Testing too early can produce a false positive or false negative and so to be cautious, it’s best to wait.

But what if I don’t get a period? When am I to test?

Thinking of the regular person, a period would occur on day 29 or 30, so if I calculate this out, that would mean I need to wait 2 weeks from the day of ovulation. Grateful that I know at least that much of my calendar cycle!

So what do we do while we wait?

Being interested in this whole baby-making process, we decided to watch the 3-part documentary on what happens in the 9 months of making a baby.

9 Months That Made You – PBS

Wow- how very interesting to learn what is developing within each stage of the baby-making process. This documentary not only provides information on the science and biology behind the forming of a baby but also interviews people who have had abnormalities during various stages in utero and how it’s affected them.

Examples of such abnormalities and personality developments include:

  • being born without bones
  • lack of skin pigmentation
  • 6 fingers
  • formation of the face and cleft lips
  • colorblind
  • epigenetics
  • life stress
  • risk taking personality

Learning more about the creation of growth of a baby in utero affirms how amazing God is to create such a process. Our bodies are able to do so much and the creation of life from an egg and sperm is at the top of the list.

We try to carry on as though we aren’t waiting to know if we are pregnant, but the want and desire are so strong that it can become a hinderance to our interactions. Today, I’m on edge for no reason I can really pinpoint. I want to blame it on hormones but I don’t know that for sure.

The closest thing I can chalk it up to is the emotions that come with the unfamiliar, the uncomfortable. How many times do I write about this? Reminds me of the blog post I wrote a little bit ago about the living in and enjoying the discomfort of the moment (click here).

Must be another opportunity to trust in Gods timing, Gods plan and believing that today, a lazy Sunday, is exactly where I am supposed to be and that I’m not supposed to know if we are pregnant today. Knowing we are pregnant or not pregnant will not add substance to this day.

Today, I rest.

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