A Little Something

one in a millionMy journey continues as I experienced my first ‘period’ in over a year and a half. Yippee! Granted it was on a tiny scale compared to what I’ve remembered in the past, and some may call it spotting… But it was something. So what does this mean?

Well, that the build up of estrogen over the past 2 months created enough lining to shed for a day. It means the mixture of the estrogen patch and the progesterone pill created a reaction in my body. It also means that the body experiment continues.

I will stay on the estrogen patch for the next month to see if my body will kick into gear and produce this little something that I am calling a ‘period’ on my own. Once this occurs, I’ll be able to address the Poly Cystic ovaries.

I’m hopeful. The summer break I have needed is right around the corner and this means I’ll be able to focus on relaxing throughout my days in the sunshine. Slowing down from the faster-pace life and responsibilities of a full-time job.

God can create a baby at any time, and I am certain that I can become pregnant with, or without a period. I simply want to remain obedient to what is being asked. At this point, I am learning more about my body and the incredible, intricate creation it is. How in the world can I fathom the miracle of life.

I held my second nephew for the first time last week. He was less than 12 hours old and he is simply perfect. His little fingers, tiny nose and that little tongue that sticks out every once in a while. How are these little babies formed inside us women?

Moments like these provide pause to become overwhelmed with awe and wonder of our All Mighty God who created this world, and every thing and living, breathing specie. I am humbled. I do not know anything. My thoughts and abilities are minuscule compared to our Father.

Why do I doubt him? He knows what he’s doing and he knows why he created me and what he desires for me in my life. I do trust that and I do trust Him with my life.

Seeking medical advice and direction is a balance. I don’t want to look to my doctors to have all the answers. I want to keep that authority reserved to God. But I also recognize God trains people to do his work here, to be his hands and his feet. I will continue to pray for my doctors to be in touch with God in their practice and their professional growth.

2 thoughts on “A Little Something

  1. I LOVED reading this post! You’re absolutely right, it’s SOMETHING! Congratulations on this first step, and I don’t think it’s a small one. Thanks so much for sharing this journey!!


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