Essentials for Mama After Birth

Labor and Delivery Recovery Must Haves

I read many articles about what to pack for the hospital and honestly, I did not use the majority of things I took. They pretty much had me covered there and then some!

One piece of advice I took from a friend was to take an extra bag to bring home the things they give you for free at the hospital.

What I now know is more important are the things I needed at home to heal.

NEWGO Ice packs– I used these around the clock for the first week to help the swelling and ease the aching.

Tucks Medicated Hemorrhoidal Pads– I got the ones with witch hazel and loved them! Replacing these every time I went to the bathroom to help the healing process for both the stitch’s and hemorrhoids

Herbal Perineal Spray– Using this each time I went to the restroom to help with the healing process for both the stitches and hemorrhoids

Peri bottle– In place of using toilet paper, this was a gentler way of cleaning. The hospital gave me one to use.

Pads with wings– for the first weeks leaving the hospital, using this protection allowed me frequent changes. The hospital gave me some giant pads and I brought some of those home too.

Depend Silhouette– as bleeding slowed down, wearing these underwear made life more manageable with regards to my protection. This style was a better fit for me too.

Sitz bath salts & toilet seat–  The sitz bath ingredients were mixed up by my doula but I have seen many good ones on Amazon. The bath itself is a container that sits in the toilet basin and I got this from the hospital before I left.

Soft robe- a life savor! I got a soft robe from Costco that I can wear without a shirt and it is not harsh on my nipples. I found that cotton can be too rough and irritating.

Clip Down Nursing Cami, Black

Breastfeeding tank top– When I do leave the house or have company over, it’s nice to have a top that is easily used to feed. This provides me the ability for comfort and modesty.

Nipple cream– after every feed or pump, I’ll put some cream on to help protect from cracking and bleeding while also soothing the hardworking area.

Happy prepping!

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