Heading to our new home…

Day 6– Today’s drive to the doctor was a little more anxiety producing. I originally was scheduled to do my ultrasound at my OBGYN and then go to the local fertility clinic for the blood work with same-day results but when I entered into my OBGYN I remembered they merged with the University of Colorado and everything had changed. Including the price for the ultrasound. I quickly called the local fertility clinic and they added me to the list of appointments that morning.

A little poke of the arm for a blood draw doesn’t seem so bad after having it happen a couple times this week, not to mention the fact that I’m nearing 1 week of shooting medicine into my abdomen.

The ultrasound was a success.

At about 1:30MST I received a call from nurse Christine. We have 13 follicles that are present, with the largest being 8mm. Things are on track!

Ok, I’ll be honest. I wasn’t happy when I heard 13. In our ‘interviews’ with various fertility clinics, we would hear people throw around numbers like 20 and 30 for a goal range of follicles. I want more. The more follicles, the better the chance for having more blastocysts at the end of the entire process, right?


I spoke with a friend who works on the ‘other side’ of IVF in the lab and she mentioned that sometimes the more follicles means the less quality of eggs. We certainly don’t want that.

With this information, I’m able to return to that place of HOPEFUL SURRENDER.

God, I know you know what you’re doing.

You were the one who started this whole idea of reproduction through an egg and sperm and the creation of cells and development of chromosomes.

Who am I to question what you have already done?

H.u.m.b.l.e.    p.i.e.

I don’t know it all and I’m certainly not in control of this entire situation.

The only thing I can do is take the medications, eat healthily, take supplements and rest.

Telling on myself: I am tempted to give myself a higher dose of medication. I mean, it’s there, in my refrigerator, I could easily up the dose.

Thankfully I have enough sense to know that isn’t a good idea and that it’s best for me to stick to what my doctor recommends.

I back down from the charge.


The next time we monitor will be with nurse Christine at Shady Grove in Maryland.

We are thrilled. Ok, I am thrilled. Hubby is supportive and also keeping his emotions level.

I continue to stick my stomach with what is now a burning sensation (Menopur) and I’m grateful the Gonal-F is not as painful.

Tomorrow we will board the airplane to Maryland!

Day 7– Here I am sitting on the airplane and I am so excited to finally be doing this. Hubby is cautious with his energy towards the trip to preserve his emotions. He is better at staying realistic as I am the true optimist (and sometimes a very fearful one) of the relationship. The way I see it, I’m just happy to be able to be on an airplane, taking the medication, and making progress towards a retrieval.

My charge is to keep my expectations low with the process as I don’t want to get too ahead of myself.

The plane takes off at 5:30pm Denver time. I typically give myself the shots at 6pm and my nurse instructed I continue giving myself the shots at the same time each night. This means I have to prepare and inject myself on the airplane.

It feels weird to be pulling out the needles, syringes, vials of solution and medication and laying them on the tray table.UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_86cb.jpg

The flight attendant walks by asking what I’d like to drink. I shrink for her to see the stash of drugs on my table. The man sitting on my left acts oblivious but I wonder if he is just trying not to wonder what I’m up to.

Self-conscious, yes.

I quickly prepare the needles and stick myself as quickly as I can.

I feel like I’m a druggy.

Get the hit and get rid of the evidence. Hubby puts the trash in his empty to-go container that was used to transport his burrito.

Come on drugs… do your thing!

We arrive late in the night, pick up our rental car and drive to the rented Airbnb, a basement of a nice couples house, our home for the next week.

I fall into bed, excited for tomorrow.

Gonal F- 187.5 IU
Menopur- 225 IU

Day 8– I arrive at the Shady Grove Fertility clinic with a little buffer built in for me to get lost. Hubby did a great job of finding a place in Rockville about 10 minutes from the clinic. I drive into what looks like an executive building and park in one of the designated SG Patient parking spots. In the rotating door and to the elevators, 4th floor. The doors open to a modern space with calming colors. This will be where I entrust the growth of our family.

Blood work to check my estrogen and an ultrasound. Looks like I have 13 follicles, the largest is 14mm with the majority measuring around 8-10mm.

I meet Dr. OBrien in person, what a delight. She reviewed the ultrasound and comforted me with positive remarks. Her hope is that we get between 15-17 follicles. With my age my ideal follicle count is 17. So much for me praying for 20+!

We will have our official consult with her tomorrow.

Gonal F- 187.5 IU
Menopur- 225 IU


Up to the 5th floor, I go to the Wellness Center at Shady Grove to meet my acupuncture lady. Although this is not required, I have found it to be insightful and calming. Hubby believes this to be more of a placebo but I truly believe in the combination of Eastern and Western medicine.

DaRae is a wealth of knowledge.

She hears what my food and supplement intake is on a regular basis and asks that I have less salad and more protein. She explains that salad is raw vegetables and it takes more energy for my body to decompose the raw vegetables, the energy that needs to be going towards making/growing follicles. Cooked vegetables are great (so I’m good there!)

She also explains that my body is making a large number of follicles and this takes more energy and protein.

Finally, she feels the different organs and comments that my body is tired. Her analogy is that I am a smaller engine trying to run like a large engine, a lot of output but not a lot of capacity to maintain it. She recommends that I rest more and let my body relax.

Interesting that I have heard this a couple different times now.

The last thing she recommends is that I eat more pork and less chicken and turkey. She explained the energy of a chicken and turkey is fast (just think about what they do when they are alive, running around) and a pig is lazy, sleeping and laying around.

With this, the meat of a chicken and turkey are warmer causing more acne.

Interesting concept.

I drift off to rest as she puts the needles in their proper place, moves the heat lap over my stomach and turns down the lights.

Nap time.

I spend the rest of the day around our Rockville home, even taking a 2-hour nap.

Rest my child. Just rest.

Gonal F- 187.5 IU
Menopur- 225 IU


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