Possible Blockage?

Could it be that I have a blockage in my right ovary?

 Curious question for my massage therapist to ask me as I was lying face down on the table. She had just begun my deep tissue massage and after asking a few questions as to what brought me in, picked up on the fact that we are trying to become pregnant.

I welcome any feedback from body workers as well as doctors but this question came as a surprise. I noticed she had paused over my lower back area and was still.

“Has my right ovary experienced any trauma in the past, such as a miscarriage or something else?”- she asked.

“No, not that I know of.”- I replied.

She continued with the massage and at the end, I asked her to explain more.

Clarifying that she is not a doctor, she mentioned she could just sense that there may have been some damage caused by trauma or possibly something I was born with that is causing my right ovary to be weak and potentially blocked.

The left is strong and feels to be working well, but she suggested that before we pour money into any major fertility endeavors it may be something for my doctor to look into.

I left with a little skepticism mixed with curiosity. Could a blockage be part of the issue? I was determined to find out.

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