Stuck with Needles

Walking into the cool warmly lit office, I knew I would be able to calm down here. The sign asking clients to take off shoes confirmed… this was a safe space to relax.

Acupuncture Denver was recommended to me by a friend who was trying to conceive and after a couple months of working with Jane at Acupuncture Denver became pregnant. I know that acupuncture won’t be the reason we get pregnant, but I believe it can help a body function well and become realigned.

I had been corresponding with Jane since February through email so to meet her in person was a delight. She took 30 minutes to hear my story. Her questions about PCOS and the various medications I have tried confirmed that she knew a lot of fertility and PCOS.

Then she dropped the bomb.

“I wonder if you have symptoms of PCOS but since no cysts were seen on your ultra sound, you may have something with your hypothyroid. I’d have to see your blood work to confirm.”

Wait… what? I’ve been around and around about this with doctors and I was really happy to know what it is that causes me to be “abnormal”. Not to mention, I was on thyroid medication for a few years and nothing changed, so what is this all about?

Frustrated and perplexed I laid down on the table, face down.

Jane applied the needles along my back and in my legs. My head was full of questions and worry that my doctor is operating on the assumption that I have PCOS, what if I’m not getting pregnant because it’s really something else? And that mass of a cyst that they saw outside of my uterus on the ultra sound, what is that?

No time to worry about this all now as I wanted to pray into the acupuncture treatment and let go of all the concerns of the unknowns.

Later this week, I got an email from Jane who had reviewed my blood work. She confirmed that the numbers do not point towards PCOS. It seems as though my AMH is at a good (but not high like in PCOS) level, my FSH and LH ratio is perfect and my other labs are totally normal too (like androgens). So she’s thinking it might be a mild hypothalamic issue. Jane recommends checking with my doctor for further analysis… so that is what Ill do.

Grateful to have people around me who know the fertility world and what to look for since I sure as heck have no idea what to do!

So what can I do now? Enjoy the journey God has us on…

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