Let the Experiment Begin

I received an email from my doctor providing me the results to my labs. I was shocked to know that my estrogen levels are normal (yahoo)! A year ago, they were in the single digits (when they are supposed to be over 50). My shock led to excitement and a boost of hope as there may actually be a chance for my body to be ‘normal‘.

The doctor also confirmed I am not pre-menopausal (yahoo, again)! So what is left is for me to try a huge boost of progesterone and see if after 10 days my body responds with a withdraw bleed (i.e. a forced period). I am to do this for the next 3 months to see if my body re-sets itself to do this on it’s own.

It was explained that my head (thyroid/pituitary) is not talking to my ovaries and that it may need a jump-start for the two to communicate about when I’m ovulating and then when I’m needing to shed the lining of my uterus (a period).

Is this too much information? Well, I guess that is how I roll… pretty honest and upfront about the facts of life.

I have done this twice before ( 4 years ago and 8 years ago- nothing happened) so I will admit I am skeptical, and still hopeful. This time I am married and sexually active (which some say helps because the hormone levels are raised)… so we will see. I began taking the progesterone pills 3 nights ago and man am I WIPED OUT! I remember last time having the WORST acne break outs and am just gearing up for the mood swings. I warned my husband and asked him not to take it personally when I snap at him.

I can’t say I am not frustrated that I have to go through this. I mean, there are plenty of other women who have a period naturally and don’t have to think twice about it. And yet, I must admit… not having a period for the past year has been really nice.

Hopefully Curious… that is my phrase for 2016. Fitting for my season of life.

One thought on “Let the Experiment Begin

  1. Thank you for being so open and honest about this experience. I know many women share similar difficulties with getting pregnant and it is good to remember that no one is alone. Wishing you the very best on this journey, Hilary!


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